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“We will take care of you with dignity and compassion”
For nearly half a century (5 decades), St. Nicholas Hospital has been at the forefront of providing patient focused care and exceptional clinical services to the people of Nigeria from Lagos. We provide a broad range of services which cut across various medical fields the ultimate aim of which is to take care of you and support you and your family through what may be a distressing period.

We have led the way with many firsts. We were the first private hospital to open a dialysis and kidney transplant centre and we have since conducted over 150 transplants in our kidney transplant unit, which amounts to 80% of all transplants within Sub-Saharan Africa.
We were the first private hospital to run an Oncology clinic which focuses on all cancers and complex blood diseases in the adult population.

We have recently acquired the latest model of the C-arm Machine, an imaging scanner intensifier, so named because of its configuration. It is used for fluoroscopic imaging during orthopaedic procedures to see real time images and ensure direct visualization. In addition, our dialysis centre is one of the busiest and most affordable one in Lagos. Our Physicians are leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, exemplified by our Specialist clinics and the innovative diagnostic technologies we have deployed over the years.

As a Centre for postgraduate training in family medicine accredited by the West African College of Physicians (WACP) and the National Postgraduate College of Nigeria (NPMCN). The quality of our services is enhanced through our integration with educational and research establishments.

Facts about St. Nicholas Hospital
1. Since we’ve opened our doors , 28688 patients have entered our clinics and more than 1280 patients have been admitted in our hospitals.
2. We have dialyzed over 3,724 patients.
3. We have performed over 160 successful kidney transplants.
4. We were the first hospital in sub-Saharan Africa to do a kidney transplant on a child.
5. No. of Procedures in a year : 700
6. No. of Deliveries in a year : 240
7. No. of Vaccination in a year: 3,999
8. No. of Antenatal visits: 2,064

Built For You: We remain the Centre of choice for patient focused care.
To improve accessibility, we have expanded over the years in and around the Lagos metropolis.
We now have 3 other locations:
1. St. Nicholas Hospital Clinics, Victoria Island
2. St. Nicholas Hospital Clinics, Lekki Free Zone
3. St. Nicholas Hospital, Maryland

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